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Poker Pro Puts Entire Tournament Score On Roulette Table, Bets On Black

partypoker Home : Poker News : Poker Pro Puts Entire Tournament Score On Roulette Table, Bets On Black Poker Pro Puts Entire Tournament Score On Roulette Table, Bets On Black by Brian Pempus  |  Published: Feb 26, 2018 |   It was his largest tournament score in more than three years, but that didn’t stop poker pro Jake Cody from putting it on all black. On Sunday at the partypoker UK Poker Championships, Cody outlasted all of his competitors to win the £2,200 “high roller” event for £42,670 ($60,000). Cody captured the trophy and a hefty chunk of the prize pool after a four-way deal at the final table. The event was part of a series of tournaments at the Dusk Till Dawn Cardroom and Casino in Nottingham, over in the United Kingdom. Cody apparently walked over to the pit after getting paid. Remarkably, he let the owner of the casino, Rob Yong, spin the ball. Cody, surrounded by a crowd of his friends and other onlookers, called for black, and, sure enough, it landed on Black 22. The crowd erupted for Cody, one of the most successful poker players in British history. Cody, a PokerStars sponsored player, doubled his money to $120,000 and apparently walked away from the roulette table without additional gambling. A video of Cody’s roulette win was taken and posted to various social media. Cody was still riding the emotional high as of late Monday.

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